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Express your style with a custom and unique driveway.


Premium Driveways with Interlocking Stones

The driveway is a big part of the look of your front yard.

Improve the look of your residential property with a brand new driveway using interlocking stones. Interlocking stone pavers, like ours, work fast while keeping maintenance at a bare minimum expense. Also, you can customize the look of your driveway with unique colours and designs. Your driveway can look brand new for years to come.

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Our Work

Pro Pavingstone Inc. provides the necessary services to make your entrance, walkway, driveway, pool decks, pathways, retaining walls, and steps as beautiful and functional as possible. We are passionate, and take pride in our workmanship. We have reliably met the Ottawa interlocking and asphalt paving service needs of homes and businesses throughout the area for a number of years.

More About Interlocking in Ottawa

Pro Pavingstone Inc. provides the necessary services to make your entrance, walkway, driveway, pool decks, pathways, retaining walls, and steps as beautiful and functional as possible. We have reliably met the Ottawa interlocking and asphalt paving services needs of homes and businesses throughout the area for a number of years.


Make the right choice for your outdoor space

Pavers can change the look of any yard at its best. First, understand what these pavers are all about. They are more than just interlocking concrete or brick paving stones. Instead, there is a unique way to install paver blocks which helps them to stay connected or interlocked. Most pavers offered by interlocking companies Ottawa are made from a mix of cement or concrete which are installed with sand provides stability for the paver blocks without the use of mortar.


Interlocking pavers gives you a great range of design options with an abundance of colours textures shapes and sizes. With a little imagination and some elbow grease, your driveway and patio can go from dormant to lively.

bedrock interlock Ottawa
bedrock interlock Ottawa

The Unparalleled Benefits of Interlock Pavers

You have a lot of options when developing your outdoor spaces. However, there are distinct reasons to consider interlock Ottawa pavers as your first choice. The top advantages are included below-

  • Appearance: simply put, these Ottawa interlocking paver blocks just look good. They give you the durability of the concrete paver with the aesthetic of a stone finish. Available in many sizes and colours to give you the best options for customization.
  • Durability: Outdoor surfaces have to be strong enough to withstand the rigors of daily life. That’s why when it comes to quality first in your mind, interlocking stone pavers are an excellent choice. These are extremely durable for an outdoor living space.
  • Versatility: thank its modular nature, they can be placed in a variety of ways. This makes it easy to be creative with the design of the space. Better still, you can change your interlock design at any time. This flexibility can be very useful as you design and update your outdoor spaces.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance: these are easy to maintain. They require little routine maintenance, and any problems can be easily fixed quickly. If there is a paver that gets cracked or broken, you can easily have it replaced with a new one without having to redo the entire area.


Your patio can be your outdoor retreat. In fact, Designing with Ottawa interlocking pavers with some creativity makes this possible for you to create an outdoor living space that is welcoming and cozy. With the vast array of colours and styles for you to consider, your patio can truly reflect your personality.

We will work with you to create the perfect design for your patio. We can help you design features like fire pits and cooking stations to maximize the functionality of your outer living space. Our company never compromises with quality. We always make sure the best possible outcomes for our clients.

If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It

Looking for a Paving Contractor?

Your Walkway Made with Interlock Ottawa Pavers

Ottawa interlock can give you insights on some of the options that you can do to make a good first impression. Therefore, give your home the best chance possible by updating your exterior walkways with interlock work. You are not limited by size, pattern, or colour, you can easily pick a paver that complements the exterior of your home.

The design options do not end there. When you use paver blocks for your steps, you can create a seamless flow from your walkways and into your home. You can enhance the look even further with additional features like pillars, walls and more.

You can select from several paver styles, and you can trust our team of experts to design and install the patio and driveway of your dreams. Let’s increase your curb appeal with interlocking pavers. Quality assurance and customer satisfaction are the main focus of our interlock work.  Just consider a few of the particular advantages of choosing our interlocking company in the Ottawa area.

Your Interlocking Experts at Pro Pavingstone Inc.

  • Group street discounts: At Pro Pavingstone, we also offer street discounts for our clients. With street discounts, you get money off for recommending our services to your neighbours.
  • Flexible payment options: We are proud to offer a variety of payment options-Visa, Mastercard, or Cheques for our clients. You are welcome to pay by credit as one multiple payment options when you choose Pro Pavingstone.
  • No downpayment is needed: Usually. many companies will request you a sizable downpayment before starting your work. At Pro Pavingstone, clients don’t necessarily need to make any deposit for us to start work on your patio, passageway, or driveway.

Call For Your Appointment Today

Pro Pavingstone Inc. as a family company, we are proud to help make Ottawa a more welcoming and attractive place to live, work and visit. Learn more about what you can do with interlock pavers, or get a quote for your next project. You are welcome to email us or call us today to set up an appointment.

Interlocking Pavers

Interlocking paving stones come in a near-infinite variety of colours and textures that can work as an alternative or alongside plain concrete pads. Transform your driveway and patio into a functional work of art by using a little imagination. With interlocking pavers our services for artistic landscaping in Ottawa, we can create harmonious custom interlock designs to enhance your home, business or property.

Pro Pavingstone Inc. can install pavers anywhere you would like to create a lasting impression, including your:

Different types of pavers are available in a variety of stones, shapes and sizes. They are made using the most durable materials available and manufactured to exacting standards, you can be confident they will have lasting impressions for many, many years. It is important to choose the right one based on your needs. We take pride in our environmentally conscious workmanship and the products we use for custom interlock service in the Ottawa area.

Our paving stones will elevate your yard, patio or garden area to a welcoming outdoor living space for the whole family. With years of knowledge and expertise, we can help with your design, installation and maintenance of your next landscape project. Contact our team for your landscape project to learn more about using pavers or to schedule a site visit.

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Kristina Foos
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Cletus Caruso
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Adam Jrdsn
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Pro Pavingstone gave me the backyard that me and my wife have always dreamed of. Basically our backyard is surrounded by other houses and I wanted an area to call my own. They sent a gentleman over to provide me...
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